What are the discrete radioactive particle (hot particle) pass-through properties of OREX clothing?

At first glance, OREX fabric appears to provide limited protective potential because of its “sheerness”. However, the fiber that makes up the fabric is actually clear! This gives the fabric a less substantial appearance when coupled with its lightweight nature. Due to light diffraction it appears to be “white”.  There is no standard test method to determine particulate pass-through properties in a quantitative manner truly representative of field conditions.  However, both lab testing and actual field experience in contaminated areas indicates that the barrier provided by original OREX fabric is at least as good, if not better, than an industry standard cotton, poly/cotton blend or nylon garment. Additionally, the fabric is static-free and will not attract charged “fuel-type” particulates or Radon-222 daughter products. Deluxe OREX provides superior particulate pass-through compared to launderable garments.  Both OREX Ultra and Trilaminate OREX provide a total barrier to particulate pass through and are far superior to any launderable product and many other single-use products.

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