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orex-lanyard-150wSeeing is believing! We have developed the Protective Clothing Particulate Penetration Test. This simple test will allow you to compare the particulate passthrough properties of OREX Ultra fabric and a leading launderable fabric. As a bonus, we will also include a free lanyard with every test kit.

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The OREX Protective Clothing Particulate Penetration Test demonstrates the particulate barrier properties of three widely-used fabrics for protective clothing and modesty garments in the nuclear industry. The test uses a graphite powder, which replicates the size and shape of typical particulate contamination found in nuclear power plants. The size of the individual graphite particles ranges from 0.7 um – 80 um and the mean diameter is approximately 25 um. To determine which offers the best contamination protection, the test will compare three different fabrics: a leading nylon, launderable protective garment fabric; a common, traditional cotton hospital scrub fabric; and OREX Ultra (Envirostasis™) fabric.

This simple test will allow you to see for yourself the particulate passthrough properties of the three fabrics.

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