OREX Bilaminate Fire-Retardant Sheeting

Light, strong and 100% OREX! New OREX Fire-Retardant Sheeting is made from a specially treated, bilaminated composite fabric. Great for laydown material, bullpens, equipment covers. Strong, durable, waterproof. Top layer is absorbent, bottom layer is waterproof. Lightweight sheeting comes on rolls in a size that is easy to manage in the field. Meets NFPA 701, NFPA 253 and NFPA 258 requirements. White. In stock now!

CS1715-FR Bilaminate Fire-Retardant Sheeting
60” wide x 100 yard roll

OREX Contamination Control Sheeting

Light, strong and 100% OREX! Sheeting comes on rolls in sizes that are easy to manage in the field. Cross-lapped Original OREX fabric for greater strength. White. (See also CS1715FR OREX Waterproof and Fire Retardant Sheeting.)

CS1702 Contamination Control Sheeting
60” wide X 600 ft. roll

CS1710 Contamination Control Sheeting
26” wide X 1650 ft. roll

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