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Our leadership team’s history of working in and around the nuclear industry — including providing laundry services — clued us in to the greatest challenges for nuclear power plants pertaining to protective clothing and overall radwaste reduction.

We knew that if we could enhance personal contamination protection while making a notable reduction in waste — delivering significant cost savings and improving operational efficiency — we might be on to something great.

In just a few years since the introduction of the OREX product and processing technology, more than 40 U.S. nuclear stations have realized all those benefits and more:

Reduction of Personnel Contamination Events (PCEs)
Each dressout is 100% new and clean. PCEs from residual contamination in laundered clothing are eliminated.

No Waste
The patented OREX treatment system decontaminates and dissolves the OREX products. Unprecedented waste volume reduction ratios are achieved and no OREX related waste is returned to the generator.

Reduced Heat Stress
OREX is lighter and “breathes” better than conventional cotton, poly-cotton or nylon coveralls. Workers are cooler and more comfortable wearing OREX.

Reduced Risk of Lifting Related Injuries
OREX is 70% lighter than conventional products. Workers who stock OREX are at less risk of injury associated with material handling.

Reduction or Reallocation of Resources
All OREX products can be delivered to the site prior to an outage. Inventory can be stocked in bulk, ready for issue. Laundry shipments can be reduced or completely eliminated, potentially reducing RP and Decon staff and security resource demands.

Learn about OREX

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Shown above, the OREX Xtreme Coverall offers ultimate protection. Made from revolutionary trilaminate OREX fabric, this garment offers a double zipper design with an integrated hood and booties to ensure you stay dry under the toughest conditions. See our product page description for more information.

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