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Change isn’t easy. And, where personal contamination protection is concerned, it can be especially challenging. Yet more than 40 nuclear stations across the U.S. understand that when it comes right down to it, OREX just makes good sense.

The advantage of OREX over traditional launderable programs is clear: the OREX coverall provides exceptional, proven protection. Its single-use is appealing to workers over a previously worn — and likely contaminated —laundered garments. Its unique product features provide unrivaled comfort and functionality. And it eliminates waste and reduces associated disposal costs.

Our customers are often surprised at the level of input they can contribute in the ongoing improvement of existing products as well as the development of new offerings. This depth of customer engagement is unique among suppliers to the nuclear industry, resulting in an unprecedented level of product performance relative to specific nuclear industry applications.

But our involvement with customers doesn’t stop at product development and testing. Because our company leaders have been Radiation Protection and Radwaste Managers for nuclear power stations in North America we also understand the intricacies of transitioning from launderable to disposable PCs. This is a delicate process in which we’ve been involved with many of our plant customers who have gone on to experience the OREX benefits of superior performance and elimination of waste.

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Your OREX representative can provide a detailed cost comparison and analysis which accurately represents the costs and benefits of using OREX disposable garments versus launderables. Please call us at 334-899-4351 email us.

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