Meet Our Team

John StewardJohn Steward
“It is my role to provide strategic direction and vision to help lead our team. I also foster an environment emphasizing customer performance, success and satisfaction. Creating trust and respect with our team — and our customers — is paramount to everything we do.”
Mark FellowsMark Fellows
Vice President

“I manage the operational side of the company, coordinating various departments to provide customers with the service or product they want, when they want it, how they want it. My focus is to ease the stress customers feel managing their protective clothing programs.”
Doug KayDoug Kay
Business Development

“Working in product sales and technical support, the most important part of my job is building long term relationships with customers. I make it my priority to understand their needs and problems so we can provide the right OREX products to help them be successful.”
Ray McCullersRay McCullers
Business Development

“I make sure all customers’ needs are met from order to delivery, and that products are delivered before they’re actually needed. I make regular site visits and frequent calls to ensure that everything is in order. And I coordinate the required testing for new product development.”
Benji McWatersBenji McWaters
Business Development

“I ensure that the needs of our customers are taken care of. I especially enjoy it when they recognize the benefits of new, innovative products we’ve recently developed. And I take great pleasure in interfacing with them on a personal level; being available 24/7.”
Cilem RiceCilem Rice
Customer Service Representative

“My role entails making sure customers get what they need when they need it. Making customers feel important — regardless of the size or frequency of the order — and taking care of their concerns in a timely manner, is my focus.”
Tommy DeeseAshley Johnson
Controller/Office Manager

“I am responsible for accounting, financial functions, and day to day office operations at ETI. My role is to provide the highest quality administrative and accounting services that are efficient, cost effective and increase the overall profitability of our customers and ETI. “
Bonnie JordanBonnie Jordan
Accounts Payable & Payroll Manager

“My role is to keep accounts payables up to date, process payroll for the company and support day-to-day operations. I’m also the first voice customers hear when they call ETI, so I greet each caller cheerfully, promptly directing them and giving information as needed.”
Tracy EnfingerTracy Enfinger
Facility Manager
“It’s my job to oversee all activities at the Ashford Service Center and to ensure that our customers’ needs and wants are met in a timely manner. We do our best to perform; to do anything we can to serve our customers.”
Johnny OliverJohnny Oliver
Logistics Coordinator

“It’s my responsibility to facilitate delivery of new OREX product for customer outages, to ensure used OREX product is picked up for processing and to do this without any interruption in service. Dependability and efficiency are vital to getting the job done right.”
Robby SharronRobby Sharron
Warehouse Manager
“My role entails several different aspects of inventory control, including incoming and outgoing shipments. I ensure all orders are processed in a timely manner and that all outgoing orders are what the customer wants. In this business, there are no second chances to do it right!”

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