OREX coveralls look a lot like a white paper suit. How do they compare?

OREX coveralls have the soft feel of cotton and are more “breathable” than conventional paper suits, so they tend to be much more comfortable to wear.  However, original OREX clothing was designed as a substitute for traditional cotton and poly/cotton blend fabric protective clothing.  Like cloth fabrics, original OREX is not intended to provide an absolute barrier to contaminants.  In most cases, where a superior barrier is needed, such as high contamination areas or areas where a splash hazard exists, the specially-treated, splash-resistant OREX Deluxe coverall or OREX Ultra coverall may be used. While the splash-resistant OREX coveralls offer superior barrier properties similar to other paper or splash-resistant products, they still breathe significantly better and are therefore much more comfortable.  Garments made from the new Ultra or Trilaminate material provide a total barrier for the highest possible level of protection.

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