How do OREX garments handle “hot work”?  Is OREX flame retardant?

With the exception of the new, specially-designed OREX FR apparel, all other OREX protective clothing is rated Class I – Normal Flammability by the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations of 16 CFR 1610-1998.  This is equivalent to traditional protective clothing currently used by the industry. This means it is generally acceptable to wear OREX protective clothing under normal work situations.  Remember, OREX is a suitable substitute for traditional cotton,  poly/cotton blend or nylon protective apparel and can be worn in applications acceptable for traditional garments.  However, like most standard cloth protective clothing, OREX is not “fire retardant” and specially treated fabrics or special garments should be considered instead for hot work in which sparks or welding are involved. When FR clothing is required, the OREX Fire Retardant apparel is rated for hot work and electrical arc flash applications.

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